About TEAM
The Lead Photographer:
I was born in 1976, Puducherry India, I believe I am a photographer by instinct, I was given my first camera at the age of 8, Yashica point and shoot, started learning and working with Analog SLR’S. I decided my career as a portrait and Portfolio photographer, while working in Pondicherry University, there is a sound reason behind it. Humans are the most beautiful and superior creation of God and in them lies, great varied emotions. I am an outgoing person, who loves to interact and learn from people. My passion of photography teach me something about life and human nature, which I believe makes me a better. I am the Pharmacist by qualification, pursued MBA in Pondicherry University and technical staff by profession. I am working as a freelancer for many agencies in all respect of Photography. Obviously, we as a team bound to offer our passion to the end user in remarkable way. Hence we found IRIS MEDIA to serve the end user’s entire photography need.
Industrial videographer and Traditional wedding video:
I started videographing at the age of 19 and more than 25 years of experience, still there is so much to learn and understand, how to construct our thoughts through videography. The work and beauty of nature transformed me into an energetic, inspirational and fun loving person and finally transformed into a video grapher. I love to see every project from the camera technology and post processing.
The Candid photographer and Technical lead:
I came across many Indian traditional wedding, in many instances made me feel bad about artificial posing and looks of the subject, hence I decided to change the concept of traditional style into the emerging style “Candid Photography” with my team. I am basically an IT professional and very passionate photographer, and love to record the candidate moments without missing.